RDFSharp is a lightweight C# framework designed to ease the creation of .NET applications based on the RDF model, representing a straightforward didactic solution for start playing with RDF and Semantic Web concepts.
RDFSharp has a modular API made up of four layers:
  • RDFSharp.Model
    • Create and manage RDF models (resources, literals, triples, graphs, namespaces, datatypes, ...);
    • Exchange them using standard RDF formats (NTriples, TriX, Turtle, Xml);
  • RDFSharp.Store
    • Create and manage RDF stores backing on different SQL engines (Firebird, MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer);
    • Create and manage RDF federations as virtual stores giving integrated query access to multiple stores;
  • RDFSharp.Query
    • Create and execute SPARQL queries on graphs, stores and federations to fluently query RDF data;
  • RDFSharp.Semantics (under design)
    • Create and validate RDF ontologies (classes, properties, constraints, attributes, facts);
    • Create and execute RDF reasoners on them, materializing inferred RDF data;

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