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Released: Jan 7, 2017
Updated: Jan 8, 2017 by mdesalvo
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Release Notes

This is the first major release of the library, after five years of intense and exciting development! It introduces several API changes and feature refactorings, along with many bugfixes and performance improvements.
  • (NEW) Redesigned modeling of datatypes (drop RDFDatatype and RDFDatatypeRegister)
  • (NEW) Redesigned API for data serialization (drop RDFGraphSerializer and RDFStoreSerializer)
  • (NEW) Redesigned projection operator for SPARQL SELECT query
  • (NEW) Enhanced SPARQL DESCRIBE query with ability to manage contexts
  • (FIX) Incorrect string representation of RDFDatatypeFilter
  • (FIX) Do not use number styles when parsing decimals in RDFIsNumericFilter
  • (FIX) Incorrect removal of items from RDFCollection of literal type
  • (FIX) Incorrect validation of typed literals of "xsd:NormalizedString" datatype
  • (FIX) Incorrect validation of language tags against RFC3066 specs
  • (FIX) Insufficient capability of fraction of second in "xsd:DateTime" and "xsd:Time" literals
  • (FIX) Incorrect visibility of singleton instance of RDFNamespaceRegister
  • (FIX) Reverse lookup to service fails when uri ends with "#"
  • (FIX) Unescaped control chars in TriX and RDF/XML cause uncompliant XML
  • (FIX) Avoid automatic "\r -> \n" normalization done by XmlReader in TriX and RDF/XML
  • (FIX) Incorrect escape of some Unicode characters and "\" character in N-Triples and N-Quads
  • (FIX) Incorrect escape of "\" character in Turtle
  • (FIX) Missing validation for "xsd:QName" literals
  • (FIX) Incorrect generation of automatic namespaces in RDF/XML writer
  • (FIX) Incorrect abbreviation of predicates in Turtle writer
  • (FIX) Crash in queries having patterns with more than one occurrence of the same variable
  • (FIX) Order of projection variables in SPARQL SELECT query must be deterministic
  • (FIX) String representation of SPARQL FILTER should not end with "."
  • (FIX) Incorrect string representation of RDFBooleanNotFilter
  • (FIX) Incorrect comparison logics driving RDFComparisonFilter
  • (FIX) Incorrect parsing of quadruples from SQL-based stores
  • (MISC) Code cleanups and improvements, wider and better documentation

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